Dr. Susan Murphy’s Programs can be specifically designed to meet client needs & requirements. Her presentation style is humorous & high energy, informative, combining research & theory with real life experiences. Because of her expansive background in many industries, Susan has the rare talent of providing “nuts & bolts” solutions that are applicable immediately.

Gender Intelligence: “She Said/He Said”
Recognizing & Valuing Gender Differences

Men and Women are raised in different cultures, have differences in brain structure and hormones, and genetics. This humorous presentation spotlights differences in leadership, team development, problem-solving & communication. Allows both genders to see the strengths of the other in order to build winning teams at home and in the work place.

Women Working With Women: “In the Company of Women”

Women hold half the professional and management positions in the U.S. and bring different strengths, expectations and challenges with them. This illuminating presentation explores the Power-Dead-Even-Rule and the Golden Triangle as well as the research findings – biological, genetic and sociological – that explain female behavior. Includes steps to turn workplace conflicts into powerful alliances.

Add “LIFE” To Your Years

This important, humorous presentation explores the importance of Joy & Celebration in your life. It’s essential that instead of merely adding years to your life, that you add “LIFE” to your years. Participants assess their “Wheel of Life” & how to expand sections of their wheel. Includes 7 tips to add JOY to several aspects of your life: Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual.

Four Generations: One Workplace
Leading A Multi-Generational Team

For the first time in history 4 generations are working side-by-side in 1 workplace. This research-based presentation reveals what shapes our Values and how to attract, hire and retain talented members of each generation. Explores top attributes of current generations as well as communication style differences and strategies for success.

Coaching A Winning Team

Leaders must be coaches and this presentation is custom-designed to include many facets of how to coach a winning team. Included elements can be essentials of leader effectiveness, necessary steps to build a high performing team, characteristics of high performing teams, how to diagnose & assess team effectiveness. Many instruments can be included, e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, DiSC, Thomas Kilmann. Effective Conflict Management and how to eliminate the Carbon Monoxide Effect are key elements for team work.

Change Management
“Staying Afloat in the White Water Rapids of Change”

This humorous and timely presentation explores the stages of every Change & Leadership behavior needed for each stage. Participants can assess the impact of the recent changes on their organizations and in their personal lives. Includes a prescription for thriving during times of change.

Things Women Do To Sabotage Their Careers

Men and women are raised in different cultures and have different brain structures, hormones and genetics. This humorous, high-content presentation spotlights differences in leadership, team development, problem-solving & communication, and shows how women often sabotage their careers when working with men. Emphasis is on what women can do to be successful when working with men who may be their customers, manager, employees or peers.

Emerging Issues for Women

Women face new issues that emerge from higher education & corporate positions, longer life spans, being in the “sandwich generation and increased stress. This humorous, research based presentation shows what these new emerging issues are and ways to be successful and thrive at work and at home.

Building A Customer Driven Organization
“If You Aren’t Taking Care of Your Customers, Someone Else Will!”

Exceeding Customer expectations and creating raving fans are needed today for organizations to remain in business. This presentation includes tools for leaders to develop a Comprehensive System-wide Customer Service Strategy and the components needed for skills training for managers & their teams plus critical assessment tools to evaluate service and customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning Process

Executive Management & Board of Directors participate in this process to analyze Industry, Environment, & the Organization. The process has several steps including creating or reaffirming Vision / Mission / Values; SWOT analysis, establishing Objectives & Measures of performance and determining deployment of resources.

Working Effectively With Difficult People

People can be “difficult” and there are 7 basic principles for dealing with difficult personalities. It is important that we change our own behavior first in order to effectively deal with a “difficult” person. This humorous, high content presentation provides strategies for the Bully, Exploder, Sniper, Gossip, Chronic Complainer & Clam you deal with at work and at home.

Dr. Murphy performs EXECUTIVE COACHING in the following areas. She strives to help clients recognize their talents & improve their skill sets to make important Life Changes.

• Leadership
• Communications
• Setting Goals
• Relationships
• Health
• Project Management
• Performance Management
• Emotional Intelligence
• Meetings Management

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