Dr. Susan Murphy


Susan has authored 11 books, one of which was named Harvard Business School's Book of the Month and featured in Time magazine and on Good Morning America.  See more.


Dr. Susan Murphy combines research and theory with life experience to meet client needs & requirements.  She has the rare talent of providing “nuts & bolts” solutions that are applicable immediately.  View more.


Susan has national & international experience working with over 300 organizations including many Fortune 500 companies, NASA, U.S. Air Force, Stanford University, Caterpillar and more.   See list.


Susan has written numerous articles for a wide-range of publications including Forbes.  Click to see.


To see some of the many testimonials Susan has received, click here.


Dr. Susan Murphy is known for her “Wit and Wisdom” as a Keynote Speaker, Author and Business Consultant.  View more

Contact: Dr. Susan Murphy Susan@DrSusanMurphy.com